Experience the world at your fingertips - with Earth++ by hpc.

If you travel the sea professionally or enjoy spending your private leisure time on your own ship - with Earth++, the world is open to you in all respects.


This innovative tool combines the numerous possibilities of modern touch technology with functional features for seafaring and more - such as the display of relevant geodata, the administration of your route planning or simply the interactive exploration of the world on your screen.

Full offline use is possible

Use Earth++ wherever you are - you can operate it at any time even without an internet connection. An online connection is only required for current weather information.

Route planning functionality with display of geodata, Pol, AIS and maps

On the screen you can view all kinds of geographic data (waterways, ship navigation, points of interest, various maps) and plan your routes accordingly. Simply drag the boat on the screen to the desired destination and Earth++ will show you how long the trip will take.

Navigation via multi-touch gestures, mouse, or use it purely as an information display

Navigate by using modern touch technology, via a standard mouse, or by remote control through a tablet.

Use Earth++ with modern touch technology, via a standard mouse, or even as an information display.

Display of the completed distance and route planned by the navigator, including time information

Earth++ shows the history and the planned route, including a display of the remaining distance and travel time - this way you and your guests always have an overview of all the information.

As a passenger information display, Earth++ can also be easily integrated into existing entertainment systems.

Display of specific location information

You can find current weather data and cloud images at any time with Earth++, along with the position of your helicopter, your tender, or other interesting information about your current surroundings.

Centralized deployment, easy maintenance, and a customized configuration

Earth++ gives you an all-in-one solution that is not only easy to use but also offers a simple implementation, effortless servicing and an individual configuration.

Display of video streams (e.g. security cameras, outboard/underwater cameras)

Use Earth++ as a platform to manage all of your video streams from security, outboard or underwater cameras, and always have an overview of what is happening.

Easy integration into existing systems

Thanks to the use of existing sensors and low infrastructure requirements , Earth++ can easily be integrated into your existing systems at no extra cost.

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